Winery JSC "Shohrud" is one of the oldest operating wineries in Uzbekistan. The company was founded in 1936 in the ancient city of Bukhara, which is located in the heart of the "Silk road" on the basis of a wine cellar was established "Uzvinsnabsbyt" which was later renamed into the Bukhara Wholesale Base "Uzbekvino". In 1938 the first workshop for bottling wine was constructed.

    Despite the hard war years 1940-1950 were found funds for a radical reconstruction of the plant, the equipment of the primary and secondary winemaking has been replaced by high-performance equipment.

   Thus, the real transformation from artisanal to large industrial production occurred in 1940. In essence from this time the Bukhara Winery №9 which is a part of "Uzglavvino" takes its beginning. It was subordinated to the wineries: Karakul, Sverdlov, Yangi-Bozor, Shafirkon, Buston, Galla-Asia. Then the winepoints were joined: "Kesken Terek", "Jilvan", and "Kuyu Mazar".

    In 1975 Bukhara winery was transferred to the newly organized association "Uzplodovoschvinprom".
   In all transformations of organizational structure of the branch: Ministry of fruit and vegetable economy of SSR - 1981, Concern "Uzplodovoschvinprom" - 1994, and later "Uzplodovoschvinprom-holding" - 1997, Bukhara winery was included to these structures.
   In connection with suggestion of foreign firms about purchase of ready production in exchange for equipment and with the purpose of qualified solution of arising questions between processing industry and agriculture in 1991 on the basis of Bukhara winery the Agrofirm "Shohrud" was created which included in its structure specialized farms.

   By the decision of general meeting of founders, meeting minutes and on the basis of the order of Bukhara Territorial Administration of State Committee of Property №440 dated 30.12.1994 the enterprise was reorganized into Joint-Stock Company "Shohrud" by the buyout of the state property and transfer of the authorized fund to the labor collective.
      Complex program of production development and technical re-equipment for the period 2009-2013 years had been fulfilled:    
   The new bottling line of vodka and liqueur-vodka products with the capacity of 6000 bottles/hour made in Italy, China was put into operation in 2009 - 100 thousand US dollars;
     Silver filtration unit with capacity of 600 dal/hour, polishing filtration unit with capacity of 300 dal/hour (made in Russia) and others for organoleptic properties and quality improvement of vodka and liqueur-vodka products was installed in 2010 - 110 thousand US dollars;  
In 2011 it was purchased tractor MAN and tractor TTZ-80.10 produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan and others to the amount of 230 thousand U.S. dollars;
Semitrailer MAN (Germany) with the volume of 32000 liters for the transportation of rectified alcohol, wine and wine materials, bus ISUZU (Uzbekistan) for employees and workers was purchased in 2012. HENGSHIDA filtration unit for water with capacity of 5 tons/hour - secondary osmosis made in China was purchased and installed, and the central laboratory was reconstructed and equipped - 150 thousand USD;

    In 2013, in accordance with the Decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 15.12.2010. PD №-1442 and № PD-1937 from 13.03.2013 "About Investment program of the Republic of Uzbekistan" for 2013 and fulfillment of the protocol of Interdepartmental Council under Cabinet of Ministers from 23.11.2012 № 01-03-47 our company signed a contract with "Della Toffola SpA" Italy to modernize "Shofirkan" wine-station with the installation of equipment for the primary processing of grapes. From August to November of the current year were carried out reconstruction and modernization of the wine-station "Shofirkan" with installation of wine-drinking station "Shofirkan" with installation of equipment for primary treatment of grapes. From August to November of the current year there was made reconstruction and modernization of wine point "Shofirkan" with installation of equipment of primary grape processing of company "Della Toffola SpA" Italy - 1 million US dollars.  
     During the period 2009-2013 JSC "Shohrud" has spent for investments, reconstruction and modernization - 1590 thousand dollars.
All existing filling lines and technological equipment were mainly installed in 2007-2016. The filling lines are equipped with electronic counters for product accounting.
    Currently, JSC "Shohrud" specializes in the production of grape wine (dry, dessert, fortified), vodka, liquor and cognac.

    The main suppliers of raw materials are farms of Bukhara region and own wineries of JSC "Shohrud". At present, 12.0 thousand tons of grapes per season are accepted for processing in the region as a whole. Vineyards of the factory process up to 5.0 thousand tons of grapes in a season.

   Capacity of the bottling plant is 20 million bottles per year. Now it is one of the highly mechanized enterprises in Bukhara, where manual labor is reduced to a minimum. Not stopping at what has been achieved, the staff of the plant takes new steps for further technical re-equipment:
  - In 2007 two lines for souvenir bottling of vodka, liquor and vodka products made in China were installed and put into operation;
  - in 2009 was installed a line for bottling vodka and alcoholic beverages with productivity 6000 bottles/hour, made in China and Italy and it allowed to increase capacity of the factory by 104 thousand dal per year;
- the method of wine blanching by means of jet reactor to provide clarification, stability and acceleration of wine ripening was widely used;
- In 2010 a silver filtration unit with capacity of 600 dal/hour and a polishing filtration unit with capacity of 300 dal/hour (made in Russia) were installed to improve organoleptic properties and quality of vodka and liqueurs and alcoholic beverages;
- In 2011 it was purchased tractor MAN and tractor TTZ-80.10 produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
- In 2012 the enterprise purchased a semi-trailer MAN (Germany), a capacity of 32000 liters, ISUZU bus (Uzbekistan) for employees and workers.
    In the same year a modern filtration unit was purchased for water treatment with the capacity of 5 tons/hour - secondary osmosis, manufactured in China, and the central laboratory was reconstructed and equipped. Reconstruction and overhaul of the cognac shop building was started (step by step).
- In 2013 in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 15.12.2010. PD №1442 and from 13.03.2013 PD №1937 "About Investment program of Republic of Uzbekistan" for 2013 and fulfillment of protocol of Interdepartmental Council meeting at Cabinet of Ministers from 23.11.2012 №01-03-47 enterprise signed contract with company "Della Toffola SpA" Italy to modernize wine-cellar "Shofirkan" with the installation of equipment for primary processing of grapes.  The period from August to November of the current year was the reconstruction, modernization and commissioning of the winery "Shofirkan" with the installation of Company "Della Toffola SpA" Italy.
   - social conditions were improved, living quarters, a summer teahouse, and a sauna were built.
    The plant produces distinguished by an exquisite bouquet, fabulous taste, fullness of tones of field flowers "Cabernet Liqueur", "Aleatico", "Kagor" "Shohrud", "Bishty", "Gilvan", "Portwein" and it is planned to produce 4 types of new wine products.

   Engineering communications of the enterprise (electricity, heat, water, sewage, communications and alarm networks) are in satisfactory condition and provide a normal mode of operation of the enterprise.

   Production shops and facilities were built in 1983-1997 and reconstructed in 2001-2016. Upon visual inspection of buildings and constructions of JSC "Shohrud" all buildings and constructions are in satisfactory condition in terms of architecture and construction. Technological equipment of the enterprise was put into operation in 2007-2016. This equipment, installed at the enterprise made in Ukraine, Russia, China, Italy and Uzbekistan, allows the production of high-quality products that meet the requirements of today and are in high demand.

    The modern gas chromatograph "GC-2010Plus" and double-beam UV-1800 spectrophotometer made by "Shimadzu Corporation" Japan for the deep analysis of the products were purchased and installed in the central laboratory of the enterprise for the sum of 200 million sum.

 According to the enterprise development plan, the bottling department, the washing department and the blending department were overhauled in 2016.
The modern imported equipment of "Benjamin Machinery Co., Ltd." China for bottling wine, vodka and liquor products was purchased and installed. The imported equipment consists of three bottling lines and a bottle washing machine at a total cost of USD 427 thousand:
- an alcoholic beverage bottling line with a capacity of 6,000 b/h.
- bottling line of wine (souvenir) with capacity of 2,000 b/h.
- vodka bottling line (souvenir) with the capacity of 2,000 b/h.
According to the modernization the capacity of the enterprise for bottling vodka and alcoholic beverages increased by 390 thousand deciliters.   
The implementation of these activities with the investment of additional funds for the modernization and reconstruction of production, the decision to produce higher quality products in souvenir and gift design, an increase in the production volume of dessert and vintage wines, which are in high demand, will allow to
    - increase the production of high quality products;
    - to export it to near and far abroad countries;
    - to become one of the leading representatives among the enterprises of the Holding Company "Uzvinprom-holding", producing wine and alcoholic beverages;
    - to strengthen its financial position even more, getting additional profit from realization of planned measures.
       The Food Safety Management System meets the requirements of O'zDStISO 22000:2009 (ISO 22000 : 2005) at JSC "Shohrud".
      There are 4 artesian wells, 3 of which are at the winepoints of the plant. There is a boiler house with 3 boilers installed in 1986-1999, DKVR-2,5/13-1 piece, DKVR-4/13-1-piece, DE-16/14-1 piece. The boilers run on natural gas. There are 3 cationic exchangers for water treatment and water treatment installed in 1985-1988. There is an electronic device for natural gas consumption accounting.

      The perspective of the development of raw material base to ensure the production of export-oriented products provides for the planting of valuable technical grape varieties such as "Tavkveri", "Aleatiko", "Morastel", "Saperavi", "Buaki", etc. on land plots allocated to the enterprise.